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How do I publish my Web site?

First create the pages that make up the Web site. Then log onto the Internet and enter your Web site address at the url place followed by,"/cpanel." If your address (domain) is, "emuma.net, you will enter the following address at the url place (you do not have to type "http://www." in front of the domain):


Then press ENTER.  A dialog box will appear.  Enter your user name and password to access the control panel.  The control panel (cpanel) has various features/tools to help you manage your Web site.  To learn more about the cpanel go here.  Click on the "File Manager" icon to access various files and folders.  Your Web files should be uploaded and stored on the "public_html" folder. Click on the "public_html" folder to open it.  Then click on the "Upload files" link .  You are now ready to browse and upload your files.  Ensure to check the box to the right if you are overwriting the files[s].

Your homepage (the first page of the Web site) should be named, "index.htm" or "default.htm".  But you can also name the file "index.hml" or "default.html."  Be consistent with file extensions.  Failure to include this file, will cause your Web site not to show on the browser.  You can manage (i.e. delete, rename, copy, etc.) your Web files by clicking on the file name and then following the right option on the right side of the screen.

Using the cpanel to publish your files is significantly user-friendly. But some computer "techies" prefer using the File Transfer protocol (FTP).  An FTP software makes it possible to transfer files over the Internet from one computer to another.  Some FTP software are "freeware" and others are "shareware."  The most common ones include, WS-FTP, Filezilla, Leap FTP, and the Fetch Program for the Apple Macintosh.  These software need to be downloaded to your computer and installed before they can be utilized.

You will normally need to perform a one time set up for the FTP software after it has been installed.  Usually you will enter the host (domain such as, "emuma.net"), the server type (i.e. ftp), user name and password for your account.  The user name and password will be emailed to you once you signup for a Web hosting plan with Emuma.net.

Once the FTP software has been properly set, you are now ready to drag and drop the files (upload/download the files).

You may not need to download the FTP freeware and shareware for those of you that use the newer editions of FrontPage and Dreamweaver, Newer editions of Frontpage and Dreamweaver have FTP modules incorporated in them.  But I strongly recommend that you utilize the cpanel to publish your Web site especially if you are a beginner.

How do I design and develop my site?

Use any of the following alternatives:

  1. Code your Web pages using either Frontpage or Dreamweaver if you can afford them. These two are user-friendly and enable you to design professional looking sites.  In addition, with these two software you can easily generate/write scripts to make your site interactive and easily implement Web database applications.
  2. There are numerous freeware or shareware Web authoring tools you can download from the Internet.  In fact you can utilize the newer editions of MS Word to type your Web pages and then save them as a Web format.
  3. You can code HTML directly using a text editor such as notepad.  This is recommended to those who know HTML well.

Where can I register my domain name or my Web site address (URL)?

There are several companies that register domain names including GoDaddy.Com, and Register.COM I recommend GoDaddy.Com because its prices are affordable.  You can use Google.Com search engine to find other affordable domain registration companies.  The registration of a new .com, .net, .net, .biz, or .info can take between 24-72 hours to take effect.

How do I change my domain name servers to point to the Emuma.net server?

You will have to contact your domain registration company and ask them to point your domain name to the following domain name servers:

  1. dns1.emuma.net (primary)
  2. dns2.emuma.net (secondary)

Otherwise, access the Web site of your domain registration company and do the changes yourself.

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